Who am I…

Chosen Ones

 People of God

People of the Way

Children of the Kingdom

images-7Already written in my last blog :-

  • We are defined by our commitment to the Kingdom
  • We are of a different sphere; realm; source
  • Live by different nature (order, essence) of Kingdom
  • Responsible as those to give our lives and to live to the full
  • In Kingdom our lives come/hold together
  • Kingdom alignment means Kingdom adjustment, change
  • The process is under-way, the Kingdom has, will and is coming
  • Holy Spirit working in us to conform us to the image of Christ, our lives way is now around Christlikeness
  • Before going further lets define Kingdom in its Biblical usage:

‘It is God’s absolute life, God order over all things.  All universe subject to God’s plan and by god’s authority works to serve/fulfil this purpose.’

God has a Kingdom agenda for everything created.

History will one day be seen to be Gods-story, God rules, not one day will rule.     Everything moving to its destiny.

Your destiny is God’s purpose for you fulfilling your destiny is completing God’s purpose for you.      Your freedom is found under God’s Lordship.     Paul said the ultimate conformity to Christ will be achieved by one being transformed through the ‘renewing’ of our minds. Rom 12:2 The mind being our greatest problem it is right that it is here we first encounter the demonstration of Kingdom power.      God described the difference in his way of thinking and ours. (Isaiah 55:8)

To fulfil Kingdom purpose we have to develop a Kingdom mentality.       God’s way of thinking about the whole of life: family, job, money, sex, health must become ours.       It is living inside the frame-work of a Kingdom mentality that causes us to triumph in life in this age. Rom 8:5-6.

  • The hallmarks of a Kingdom mentality are a
  • Grasp of spiritual things
  • Seeing the invisible: Abraham/City, seeing the church of God as a wall-less city made up of people displaying, living in Christlikeness
  • Quickened by continuing revelation in the word
  • Appraise everything from God’s perspective 1 Cor. 2:14-15
  • Moving/living in Spirit
  • Not intimidated by fear; we have love; peace; sound mind
  • Not shared by temporal ‘meet/drink’ but enjoying righteousness; peace and joy in the Holy Ghost – this is the Kingdom of God

As already said our greatest battle is with our mind, not devil or demons or men.        The only way the devil can come back at you, is if you have something that is his in your life.      He then will return to lay claim to it.     Jesus said that when devil would come he would not find anything in Jesus corresponding to devil.

That in Christlikeness will be true of you?       It is in these areas where we shelter or hide things belonging to the devil that the enemy builds ‘strongholds’. 2 Cor 10:3-5  These become enemy base-camps in our lives.

  • How does the enemy go about building a stronghold in our minds
  • Resurrecting past: memories Psalm 25:7
  • Through our reading; imagination
  • What we focus minds on
  • The baggage of concerns, fears, worry we carry around, mental oppression
  • Holding resentment; bitterness; lust; greed; withholding forgiveness
  • How do we counter the enemy?
  • We must allow Christ’s mind to be fully in control in us 2 Cor 10:5
  • Harness loose thinking Col 3:1-2
  • Pull down every thought and take captive.. 2 Cor 10:5-7
  • Fill our mind with Gods Word  Ps 119:11
  • Focus on right things. Phil. 4:8; Col 3:2

In these ways we develop a Kingdom mentality.

Super spirituality is fake-spirituality (often manifests in affected voice; and various religious quirks – )

It is the consequence of a non Kingdom mentality Col 2:18

God said Gods thinking – which should become ours – is on a different level. Isaiah 55:8

Kingdom people already have the Law of God in their minds; Heb. 8:10
This in turn is activating powerfully by the Spirit in Sanctifying us – we are being transformed by the Renewal of our minds. Rom 12:2

Religion does two things to us, it introduces a life style of delay and distance in regards to God.    Everything is ours from Gods perspective, we have been given everything NOW to attain Godliness.   Now we are made a new creation not in the sweet by and by.    Immanuel, God has drawn near according to Gods love not that we have to get near, for this is the Kingdom of God.
We are actioning the Kingdom agenda 1 Peter 1:13. doing so in clarity/decisiveness. We should be particularly watchful in the questions we entertain in the mind.    Vast difference between asking a question – To gain understanding on ‘questioning’ in the sense of inferring or Untruth or wrong motive.

These are rooted in enemy mind as seen in Eden when serpent asked such a question of Eve ‘Hath God said…’


  • Questions that undermine Gods faithfulness
  • Questions that question Gods integrity
  • Questions that question Gods love; ability or will
  • Questions that reinforce a wrong image of God
  • Questions that undercut hope/faith
  • Questions that strengthen negative thinking

The second way the Kingdom demonstrates its power in us is over our Emotions

God is a God of moods but not a moody God.   Consider the accounts in the word of those who were not in control of their emotions and see the pattern of destructive consequences.

  • Cain/Abel
  • Noah
  • David/Bathsheba
  • Samuel/King to rule over Israel
  • Samson/Delilah
  • Moses / Rock (struck)
  • Micah despising David dancing before Ark
  • Rich young ruler – went away sorrowful
  • Demas / loved this present evil age
  • Diotrophes / loved to be first in everything

We are people of the day, we are sons of the Kingdom, we are people of God the ways of the Father, Son and Spirit have become ours the Kingdom is here




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