My how things have moved on

images-4.jpegDuring an era gone by, people lived in a world where we were encouraged to work hard in order to live life to the full,  for so many doing one thing for a fixed period of time brought rewards through a set income.    We have moved on to an era, I would suggest, where the curious, the connected and the creative are now seen as guiding ways, which in essence reflects in flexibility, change and fluidity in our daily life.    Lets be honest in a fast speed world, one has to get faster, the one thing, one time, one reward world can no longer exist alone.

Before you think you are not a part of this fast speed world and the need for speed, think on this.    The frustrations of not being connected to the fast world, one test to try would be;  living in a rural area of UK with no “fast” internet connection.   I am fortunate if I can get connected to 0.8 to 1 speed, not even fast enough to be connected to TV connectors for catch up, which needs 3 gig min.   Once you are dumped into this world, the need for speed is felt hugely as you cannot participate in this flexible, fluid world.

All this to say we live in a time frame where people are looking for work, leisure and a life that is purposeful and engaging.

If this is true, employment statistics and social commentators endorse this statement with many facts and figures, the USA state that dissatisfaction costs between £360 and £445 billion, yes you read correctly.  In the UK some 70% of people, they say do not feel engaged in their daily routine.   There is a great opportunity for the community of the King, the church to become the engaging factor of life.   Opening up opportunity for people to engage.    Many of us struggle in areas where few people offer their time to be involved, could it be that what we have offered has not been engaging enough for people, hence have lost people.

So then, what do we do, reconstruct a culture that engages.  Firstly ensure you are engaged.     I am always inspired with the view of Paul the apostle, in his grasp of the Mystery and his unpacking the Christ to us.   However the reflection I would like to hone in on is Paul standing before king Agrippa, Paul outlines his obedience to the heavenly call, the Kings’ response was,  you almost got me engaged.   Some 20 years on from Pauls’ initial engagement with Christ, from the moment he fell off his horse, he is still so engaged, his encounter of Christ is still living in him to engage others.

Paul was engaged throughout his life, we too must keep alive our initial connection and experience of God engaging us, keeping it living.   Revisiting and re-experiencing your reason for engagement, the living encounter with the resurrection life we have come to know, capturing the WOW of resurrection.   Be engaged rather than let disappointments cause a disengagement, with hurt distancing us from people the ecclesia and Gods ways.

We have a habit of looking outward to others, attending conferences, listening to others, those we would like to have in our world, when we look inward we can also get hard and devalue self and the people around.

There is a need to recognise the culture you belong to, the culture, the community you belong to is so important.   Culture will not be the new ‘vision statement’ or ‘goal’, it is actually the life you live and the life people meet in you, as they become part of you and your community.   Together from, from the youngest to oldest, male and female, each individual forming the Culture of the community.    It requires the input of every one in evolving and establishing, it requires a cooperative conversation.   Culture requires the engagement of all together, communicating and working it out so that it is felt rather than enforced, the community and all individuals in it display the corporate culture.    Every one who visits you will feel it.   This will take TIME to establish, it is not a once off conversation and teaching,  but a continual voicing and teaching, visualising the culture in every initiative as well.   Culture permeates through, extends out and grows up, it comes through in every way.

Develop an engaged community, develop your own engagement, be engaged yourself.


hqdefault.jpgCRISiS AT HAND – Lessons from handling one

Most of any one who takes responsibility for something will at some time feel or find themselves in a crisis of some kind.    it comes with the responsibility of decisions, and the changes that are required.   First we really  need to recognise the circumstances and moment we find ourselves in, a great old metaphor is, and some times this happens for us all, it is the putting a frog in hot water, the frog won’t notice the water is heating up until is too late.   Todays changes and shifts are happening so quickly the heating up is intense.   The questions is what can the frog do? 

We may have patterns of old, or handed down pathways, or ‘confidence’ keys, those keys used reliably in the past, at hand however we discover they don’t work or they just don’t fit, as every situation is unique.   Most shifts and changes are unpredictable, catching every one one us off guard.

We step back and take an over all view of all that is going on, if our emotion lets us, we ask what is actually going on and what does this mean to our lives, family and community?    what will be the long term impact?   how threatening is this?   Life was so simple before this!   

How ever the answers don’t have to be complicated.    Try these

Contain the moment and don’t get into panic mode:    to make decisions it does not help when we are under stress, be carful you don’t get into survival mode, beginning to get defensive is an indicator.   Deflecting responsibility tells you you are in crisis.

In leadership as a comment Rudy Giuliani (Mayor at the time of the twin towers) said “it is in times of crisis that good leaders emerge”, the true leader, here is willing to take responsibility, people who take pressure.   those who can rally people.

Avoid rushing into plan quickly:    when a change happens unfortunately it does not have  a start point or an end point, so creating a plan on many moving parts will not help.   once you allow time you can see mentally what is going on and the a course of action can be plotted.

Inspire and gather:   Know who is in this with you and for you.   There is time to find out and ask for more from them.    People by being reasonably distant  can see the forest for the trees.   People around you, trusted people can see the risks better than you, they can pinpoint events that you will miss.

Create a Story:    When influencing a community create a change story that is credible, relevant and emotional.    try telling the story in a paragraph or less with a tone that is meaningful, in order for people to grasp.

Find a simple message that people can attach themselves to .    A community that has a crisis will be willing to try radical moves that normally would not be considered and the bold steps change trajectory normally.

In Community Build a new team and take on new energy:    you need two types of people on the new team, one that can see beyond the moment and crisis, who understand people and can think ahead of every curve.   They will create value by aligning with the future if allowed to?   The other is some one with knowledge of all the ins and outs of the surrounding environment, of the people around.    These are the people that can put into gear the turn around but they don’t lead it.   

An American General of recent years  said “Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through the arguments, debate and doubt to offer a solution every one can understand”.   

Whether you are leading your self or a community, when crisis comes simplify or seek people around you who can if you can’t.

Fathering – discipling – mentoring? Not sure which one to use…

Unknown.jpegNot sure which heading to uses just some thoughts 

When wanting to see the a generation of people young or old coming through here is a question to ask,         What motivates us as parents?         What disciplines we have to prevent us intervening that will prevent people making it on their own?

The motivation in developing people, Love and Fear.   We should love those we are advancing, being their vehicle, their resource to help them move forward, are we fearful,  get afraid for their future?

Be mindful as you advance just change one thing at time, then you will understand the impact of the change made.   Each one change

Don’t seek to change everything, chose small things to isolate and transform, finding solutions to these small things will ultimately transform the big world and self.

Become some one who does not worry what it looks like, but that the function is correct, then allow the function to determine its shape.   We will discover the diverse nature of gift and function if we think like this, rather than being caught in maintaining the way its always been, function over form.

Put new fresh men and women where they must make decisions early on that affects the organism of organisation, and do not expect them to get it right the first time – TRUST

Don’t be bound to any methodology.   be caught by releasing new types of thinking.   It is a kind of freedom.

Don’t let peer pressure effect you, when we see other people who have got it together and are advancing the next generation.   One of the biggest challenges to parenting for example is, you are not perfect, and it looks as if those people are, well it is a fallacy, no one is getting it all right, we are all and have our worlds moving in the dark we don’t honestly know but communicate a sit w have to all together, reality is we don’t, be honest.   Peer pressure will prevent you developing the young and trusting the new person, it is your ego getting in the way, wondering what will I will look like.

Success is not having the right degree, being in the right company, belonging and attending high meetings, dropping the names  of well known people, it is much more about, what are your habits around work”   what is your mind set like?   what are your core values and life’s direction?   what can you do when you put your mind to it?   how good are you in persevering?   Really success is your character 

Success is much more about find yourself internally, living and being at peace with yourself and God rather than looking for external markers, like applause and approval of people 

Failure is also important in advance, I would say essential.   Each struggle show us we have a strength that enables us to bounce back, the Apostle Paul put it “i may be down but not out”, my words.    In the big picture there is a tomorrow and the sun will come up.  To prevent a failure is to deprive people from the ability to develop a stronger self. 

What ever mission, DNA statement we develop or put over ourselves, or a church community, as time moves on we should be better at living it out ,10 years on from when it was announced, how does it look?

Gathering information and understanding is our process and an important one to make decision – making choices when given several options is maturing and a must – taking action, as with out action you don’t have a real decision being made, actual its not a real decision

Where has my sense of Purpose gone?

Last year I had purpose, but this year its gone, what happened to it?    cant-find-your-life-purpose-with-your-head-in-the-sand.jpg

Our world is full of time saving technologies, more and more integrate into our daily routine with the idea we will have more time.    We are now on the verge of self driven cars, meals are prepared in advance and will be there when we request it.   It sound great, more time for leisure and activities, however there is a trend, the more robotics or the like and the sense of purpose for people is being eroded.

We are seeing the slow erosion of humanities sense of purpose, we want celebrities to give us that flash, the cinema has become a platform full of one liners for life, we don’t believe politicians any longer as many world leadership are there to serve and advance themselves, not serve people, being a steward of the entrustment given them.   I know not all is like this, it is generalisation land…!

Purpose in others and not in me, directed by robots, advanced by computers O Lord bring back purpose,  may be we have had an over dose of doing our own stuff, and something needed to change?

When will we grasp that struggle is part of living, we are made to problem solve, we love a good challenge, we have been called to be ‘overcomers’ not avoiders.

Before long I think we will have a app on our phone that will overcome any problem, you take a picture of the problem post it into the app and the app will dissolve it..he he.   Ok over the top, but will it be us who overcome or will we ask others to do it for us?

What will happen in a culture of low effort with a high expectation of life.    The end of purpose where each child expects to find meaning or value in an increasingly shrinking list of things to do.   There is a world, a creation waiting for a PEOPLE to stand and be the restorers of houses, streets, communities, cities, lives.

We are not to back ourselves into a corner of uselessness but come to another place.  Not sit back and let the few, let the leader of church  bring the life?  Crying out do it for us, thinking that the answer lies with someone else.   Neither wait for the glory train to come down and scoop us from here as in Elijah’s fire chariot, but be those that find a destiny in heart through doing the will of another.

Jesus at his ultimate challenge in the garden, as he looked down though time and looked back at creation cried out “not my will but yours be done Father”, he had always been about “my Fathers business”, he had a purpose which had become his own but it was anothers’.    Living purpose is to live the will of God, not just living my little world, or living in a world that is taking purpose away.     To find the joy of giving yourself to Gods ultimate plan, diligently doing all we can in order that Gods ultimate my come to pass, for this is the only way humanity is truly a fulfilling life, its God given purpose.

Take on what the whole purpose of creation is for, to enable in my home, to transform my street to be the image and likeness of God is to be what we are equipped and designed to be.   Taking on all the advances to advance the great narrative of God.

In Proverbs 16:9 it says, “The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps”, the purpose of God is the way or should be the way our lives are directed, the Lord is our director in this manner.   Now before you throw up prophecy and encounter, which I believe in, I would ask you to sit in line with what the ultimate aim of God is towards.   All of Gods resources and resources is given to bring about this not our little world.   It is wiser to let God and take on Gods Purpose.
How then, begin by reading the big picture, capturing the promises woven into a people who rebuild, restore the city of God, mediated, consider, dream the promises of God in Isaiah of a Restored community, church, street, creation let us together join heart and hands to bring this to earth.     Paint these pictures of promise on your heart, mind and soul and let the aim of God direct your giving, your spending, your time and let these and only these fill out and give you life goals.

Not my will by yours


Unknown.jpegThe world you and I live in and with, the world of the 21st Century, one could say a world that has been characterised by connectedness or perhaps better said interconnectedness which impacts every aspect of life.   There has always been connectedness but not as we have it today, through web spaces, through Facebook, ‘Whats app’ and every other way of weaving our lives together.   For some it has become the hours and hours of conversation that has helped a degree of belonging or being known, for others it is just a plain pressure to conform or what causes a competitive challenge to be as bright, big, known as those people feel are in their network.

We actually live in a society that has now developed a need to collect information about clients, friends and family.   

Our search for more and more connectedness in our every day world whether it be in terms of knowledge of people, in business or just  more and more so called friends on Facebook that you have to cull out every so often.

Yet in all this we have a deep need for friendship, practical friends around us that we can go through life with.   Before you say I don’t agree, it is a sociological fact people are more lonely today than at any time in history. 

Our invitation to participate with the Creator, with the Father Son and Holy Spirit is first and foremost a ‘Let there be relationship’, a relationship that will surpass all others we have ever experienced.   We humanise the words of description of the scriptures dumbing them down to human form, rather than realising God communicates with us in expressions and words we can grasp but invites us to elevate the ideas to the place where the Divine functions 

When we are told ‘we have been brought near’, or even ‘abide in me and i in you’, ‘just as my Father has loved me…i loved you’, the ultimate connectedness we have been introduced to.   More than introduced to, it is the ultimate Facebook experience a ‘Face to face’ relationship.    Oh to be able to pour myself into this connection, this Divine Union as much as our world pour into sudo connectedness.   The hours that drift by of posting, making clips talking to millions on screen, making a name yet never really being connected.   Perhaps people having more information than ever about each other, which I agree can be so positive but let us not get lost into a non relationship relationship.   Find those who are so impacted by the UNION of God that they will be those who ‘stick closer than a brother’, who are ‘friends in time of need’, who will carry each others burdens without using the information to become superior or dominate.

I find the words in the book of John, so relevant and powerful today, of this union we have been made part of, nothing of ourselves it is all a Divine work that made provision and brought us from an unfriended world to be in UNION.    I cannot get over people who Know Father, Son and Holy Spirit in our little techno world unfriending people,  we are to be the exact mirror of the one who takes away every unfriending.   It is time to be and demonstrate to the world around us ‘how they love one another’, not my how divided they are.   A relational world, even the society around us knows we are interconnected, globally connected and are trying to grapple with this, true connected is our UNION

John writes of this great connectedness in this manner, let these words wash over you and become living, become connected with the person, allow the words to become alive, living off the page and embedding in our innermost being, John 17:8 “for the words which You gave Me I have given to them; and they received them and truly understood that I came forth from You, and they believed that You sent Me.”.   For there is no better way of saying our UNION and the creation UNION, words are not just what we speak,  is not the Son in our words and actions, the language of the last days Hebrews “in the last days…spoke in the Son”, how rich a UNION.      The life, the essence, my vehicle of communicating myself – words I give them, I implant this in them.   Then John goes on in V9 “I ask on their behalf; I do not ask on behalf of the world, but of those whom You have given Me; for they are Yours;

10 and all things that are Mine are Yours, and Yours are Mine; and I have been glorified in them.

11 “I am no longer in the world; and yet they themselves are in the world, and I come to You. Holy Father, keep them in Your name, the name which You have given Me, that they may be one even as We are.

12 “While I was with them, I was keeping them in Your name which You have given Me;

Connectedness, interconnectedness at a Divine level,  this is what we are designed for, hence the need to belong, have friendship, be together

it does not stop there but moves into our connectedness across humanity John15:12 “This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.

13 “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.

14 “You are My friends if you do what I command you.

15 “No longer do I call you slaves, for the slave does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you

16 “You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask of the Father in My name He may give to you.

17 “This I command you, that you love one another.

No greater connectedness, friends of God, chosen of the eternal creator for relationship not to be in the Christain circle but to be in the Divine movement, enjoying the relationship enabling us to enjoy sport, people, mountains, seas, music, art, living via the vehicle of relationship with Father Son and Holy Spirit as well as each other, what a world to be alive in.   

Commence by becoming friends to move into the depth of full connectedness with one another and God.   Learn friendship and you will go deeper into God as well.

Stage 1 Strangers – Strangers are people you begin to share information with on a superficial level.  Meeting in hallways, have little eye contact, conversation is in general terms, you might attend activities, events, volunteer 

Stage 2 Casual Acquaintances – You still do not know each other well enough to share personal information, might ease into sharing some feelings and thoughts but only “positive” ones about non-controversial topics. You’re there to have fun, share a task. its about getting to know one another better, Skills for Independent Living

Things casual acquaintances might do:

Stage 3 Friends – Trust begins, secure enough when you are in the other person’s company to be more spontaneous, laugh, giggle, tease. It’s OK to discuss negative things as long as amongst positive ones . Face-to-face time regularly, sharing personal information and gain personal information. Support likes, dislikes, philosophies, and character traits.

Stage 4 Deep Friendships – Both have experienced each other closely trust is there, best friends here, relationship tested.   Commitment to continue working on the relationship. 

Stage 5 Self-Intimacy – This innermost circle consists of you, Healthy friendships move gradually from 1 to 2.